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We're not Hewlett-Packard, but we started the same way

By now it's become a platitude, but it's true, we started in a garage. Just a few years, and a couple of moves later, we now occupy a 30,000 square foot manufacturing and warehousing space in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

Our founder, Tom Brizek, spent 23 years running businesses for other people. In 2005, he finally acted on his childhood desire to run his own business. Using his experience in metal stamping, laser cutting, machining, assembly, heavy and light steel fabrication, powder coating, and warehousing and logistics, Tom was able to create the multi-faceted business – TAB Industries, LLC. He also brought together a team with over 100 years of experience in these areas creating a company prepared to meet customer and market demands, no matter how large or small.

"TAB Industries, LLC has been and shall remain a great asset to Warehouse Bay Corporation. TAB Industries has given us quick responses, fast service, beautiful product and a great working relationship. We highly recommend TAB Industries."

William Seibert
Warehouse Bay Corporation

Mission Statement

It is our goal at TAB Industries, LLC to provide the best service and quality to our customers at competitive prices. By doing so, we will achieve a reputation as a fair, reliable, and successful organization that caters to its customers. We realize the importance of having motivated employees in order to help us achieve this goal. Therefore, the happiness of our employees is also important to us. We will try our best to ensure that our employees are satisfied and comfortable while at work. It is our belief that quality workmanship, sound service, and contented employees is the recipe for a successful organization.

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